March 11, 2013

NYC: Momofuku Milk Bar

Cereal milk soft serve? What a work of genius. I mean, who doesn't love the sweet, malted milk at the bottom of a bowl of Frosted Flakes? This fabulous soft serve is slightly icy- just the way I like it- and goes hand in hand with the buttery crunch topping of toasted cornflakes. Nostalgia in a cup, mmm.

I'm equally enamored with their green apple cheddar soft serve, a delicately balanced swirl of refreshing fruit and bold cheese flavors. If only this was a permanent fixture on the menu!
Here's the menu at Milk Bar's East Village outlet.
I've got to admit, I've already gone for take two before publishing this post. The Midtown branch's menu offers a wider selection, and is far less cramped that the former to boot.
Kimchi croissants, anyone?
The corn cookie is also a must. It's addictively salty-sweet, and packed with the goodness of milk and sweet buttered corn. In no time, you'll be nibbling your way through the crunchy edges and chewy centre to another cookie. And another....
I don't get the hype over birthday cake truffles, and Momofuku's rendition failed to turn me into a convert. To me, they just taste...sweet. But cake pop lovers will probably go gaga over these. Moist, rich vanilla crumbs are balled up and coated in a white chocolate glaze- now one can have cake on the go without the mess.
The crack pie is, perhaps, the epitome of indulgence. With butter listed as its first ingredient, this crack pie better be worth all that saturated fat.
The filling's sinfully ooey and gooey, with a fragrant toasted oat crust. Get ready for a sugar rush- the crack pie so toothachingly sweet and rich that three forkfuls was more than enough for me. To be honest, it's not something I'll be addicted to.
A must-visit in NYC for soft serve and cookies, every time.
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  1. I saw her recipe for cereal soft serve in kino last month!

  2. i don't have an ice cream maker, sadly. would love to try out her other recipes though, especially for the corn cookies!

  3. You're in NYC now? Have fun! I honestly thought that Milk Bar was alright only. Go to Spot Dessert Bar, hunt down the wafel truck!

  4. @christine i guess i really like the novelty of milk bar's desserts! i was in NYC for a couple of days in early march. will definitely try Spot next time! looking forward to the rest of your NYC posts :D

  5. HAHA I tried it when I was there! Ahhh.... memories!

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  7. @glenn looking through old food photos and reviews is certainly a great way to relive good memories(: