February 1, 2013

Happening Gourmand: Modavie

At the risk of sounding snobbish, I must admit that I'm not crazy over Restaurant Week and similar spinoffs, being one who visits restaurants with the intention of trying the best of what they have to offer. But at $15 for a three-course lunch in the charming Vieux-Montreal, the Happening Gourmand's discounted deals were not to be missed.

Le menu....printed on flimsy inkjet paper, I must add.
I loved the warm bread rolls. Should I grab the last bun in the basket?
Why order Nicoise Salad...
...when you can have baked brie in puff pastry? (Or rather, puff pastry with brie.) While the feuilleté can't match up to the crisp, buttery specimens abound in boulangeries, the mélange of flavors hit the sweet spot. Who knew that Asian pear and crushed walnuts would go so well with pastry and cheese?
The generously-portioned beef flank that evoked food envy. Served with a port and mushroom sauce.
I had the exotic-sounding Cavatelli Amatriciana, a Sicilian pasta with long rolled edges in a tomato-based sauce with  pancetta and onions. Why didn't I order the beef...
Walleye fillet with tomato salsa. Judging from the presentation of the dish (of lack thereof), I suspect that the sous chef had decided to let an apprentice take over the kitchen.
Starring the least messily-sliced tiramisu on the table... pardoned by its airy deliciousness. There was a good balance of cream to sponge, and the ladyfingers were soaked to just right. I personally prefer a richer version of this Italian dessert with more mascarpone, but that's another story.
I didn't manage to capture an aesthetically pleasing shot of the panna cotta, which came in a ramekin with a blob of jam on top.

Modavie's worth a try if you're looking for an affordable restaurant meal, but I'll personally save my calories for other dining expeditions. At least, I can now strike off dining in Old Montreal from my list of to-dos.

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