January 15, 2013

Montreal: Cacao 70

I sometimes live in food obsessions. My recent chocolate obsession found me feasting on chocolatey treats every single day, from fudgy brownies to Lindt's fabulous sea sat chocolate bar and chocolate chip cookies. Two months later, my cravings finally came to a halt after a post-Cacao 70 chocolate coma. Not that the food was terrible- my tolerance for chocolate isn't high enough to withstand having chocolate for dinner.
The aptly-named Sharing Sharing came with a quarter of a marshmallow pizza, waffles and a chocolate fondue. A chocolate fondue with a personal miniature grill, that is. We were definitely tickled by the novelty of making s'mores at the table. Add some of those crunchy chocolate pearls for an additional crunchy sensation! It was a pity that the dry brownie squares and boring wafers seemed to be there solely for variety's sake.
Chocolate marshmallow pizza sounds like a fantasy come true, doesn't it? Truth to be told, it wasn't as dreamily delicious as it sounded. While I liked the concept of topping the pizza with a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate, the marshmallows could have benefited from a couple more minutes in the oven for more ooze. A crunchy crust would have striked a better contrast with the gooey toppings too, as opposed to the soft pizza base. I reckon it's worth ordering for the novelty though! 
While I appreciated the effort taken to caramelize the banana slices on the side, the waffles could have been softer and more crispy.
Being greedy as usual, I suggested sharing an additional crepe. Alas, our calories would have been better spent on a cup of hot chocolate than the soggy raspberry milk chocolate crepe.
Perhaps Cacao 70's strengths lie in their chocolate drinks? The fondue aside, I wasn't blown away by the chocolate confections on offer. I'll return for a drink on a cold winter night, maybe.

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