October 21, 2012

NYC: Doughnut Plant

Peanut butter and banana. Tres leches. Carrot cake. The Doughnut Plant offers a splendidly innovative assortment of donuts which I can only dream of finding in Singapore.
YOLO. I wanted to make the most out of my trip to NYC, so I had... three donuts. 
Dessert for breakfast, anyone? Torched with crackly caramelized sugar, the crème brûlée doughnut was piped full of voluptuous vanilla bean custard. It's a good thing that this dangerous treat comes in baby-sized portions.
The coconut cream variant squarely hit the sweet spot. Glazed with coconut shavings, the fluffy yeast-risen donut conjures of dreams of tropical islands with its silky coconut custard core. I hear that they actually shell fresh coconuts to make these!
While the texture of the yeast-risen donuts were perfectly light with right amount of chew, the dense cake donuts weren't much moister than from those from most donut chains. Paling in comparision was the pistachio cake donut, which came sans filling and simply studded with nuts. 
I would have carted a dozen (or two) back to Montreal if not for my already-obese luggage. The carrot cake donut and nut milks call for a return visit!

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  1. So many flavours o.o

    love the doughnuts in NY! There are too many kinds, and flavours to choose from

  2. indeed. i'm complaining like a singaporean, but the variety of donuts available here is so limited in comparison!