September 7, 2011

Egg Tarts @ Imperial Treasure Bakery

I thought I stumbled upon my favorite egg tarts in Singapore when I tried Tong Heng's egg tarts, but I was wrong. My new to-go place for egg tarts is none other than Imperial Treasure Bakery, conveniently located at 111@Somerset in Orchard.
imperial treasure's egg tart!
The egg tarts here combine smooth and creamy custard with an impeccably buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread crust. While Tong Heng's egg custard remains unbeaten in terms of wobbliness, Imperial Treasure Bakery's egg tarts edge them out in other aspects. While Tong Heng's egg tarts are overly sweet, Imperial Treasure Bakery's got the sugar level down pat. Not forgetting to mention, while the flaky pastry crust of Tong Heng's egg tarts turns soggy after cooling, Imperial Treasure Bakery's egg tarts still taste delicious after being kept till the next day. It's still best eaten freshly baked when the custard's at its wiggly best though!

Each palm-sized portion of deliciousness is priced at $1.50.

Imperial Treasure Bakery
111 Somerset Road
#01-26 TripleOne Somerset
Opening hours: 8am-9pm (Mon-Sat), 10am-9pm (Sun)

September 4, 2011

Snowskin Mooncakes from Jewels Artisan Chocolate

jewels artisan chocolate snowskin mooncakes
Jewels' Korean Black Garlic mooncakes are probably the most unusual mooncake flavor I've ever heard of. Possessing nary a trace of the pungency you might expect, the black garlic had a slightly tangy flavor akin to preserved plum. It's an acquired taste and didn't quite agree with my tastebuds, but I guess the black garlic mooncakes were worth trying for the novelty.

Coffee lovers must not miss on the espresso truffle version, which packs a robust caffeine punch. My other favorite in the box would the version with crunchy Valrhona dark chocolate pearls, which lend a welcome textural contrast to the smooth lotus paste. 
jewels artisan chocolate mooncakes
Alcoholic mooncakes are ubiquitous nowadays, and Jewels' champagne ganache truffle snowskin mooncake is certainly one of the better ones around, though it could have done with a stronger dose of booze. The last flavor features a lusciously rich and creamy salted caramel truffle, which was delicious as well!

Pssst...if you intend to purchase mooncakes from Jewels, spend $10 or more at their Orchard Central outlet and quote 'FB30D' to be entitled to purchase up to 2 boxes of mooncakes at 30% off the total price.

Jewel Artisan Chocolates
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #02-31/32
11am to 11pm daily 

September 2, 2011

K ki ケーキ

 One of my favorites at K Ki is their buttery and perfectly crisp sables ($12 for 14). I love the intensely flavored matcha version, which is given a savory touch by the addition of sesame seeds. The fragrant coconut sables are equally fabulous, and the chocolate hazelnut version is delicious as well. It's a good thing that these sables are individually packed, otherwise it'd be all too easy to finish the whole bag in one sitting!
Noisette ($8) was a nutty creation comprising rich dark chocolate ganache, fresh cream and hazelnut praline cream sandwiched between layers of hazelnut dacquoise. Though the chocolate and hazelnut elements were brought out nicely, the entremet was marred by the overly stiff dacquoise.
fromage melon
Fromage Melon ($8.50) features a light and dreamy fromage blanc mousse with a sweet and juicy melon core, sitting on a sable breton base that packs a buttery crunch. Nice, but I still like Kinabaru better..someone I know will beg to differ though!

7 Ann Siang Hill
Tues-Fri, Sun: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 12-4pm