August 30, 2011

One-for-one Fish & Chips @ Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market is currently holding a one-for-one promotion for their dory & chips with cheese fries between 12nn and 6pm, ending on 1st September. The Manhattan Fish & Chips with cheese sauce is a new addition to the menu, and costs $3++ more from their regular fish & chips ($10.90++).
fish & chips with cheese @ manhattan fish market
That equates to $3++ difference for a meagre portion of cheese sauce. You probably wouldn't want to order cheese fries with your dory & chips at Manhattan Fish Market when this one-for-one promotion is over.
Dory tends to be quite tasteless on its own, and this was the case here. It's nothing that ketchup or tartar sauce can't fix though. While the fried dory was moist, the batter lost its crunch rather quickly, and the under-salted fries lacked crisp. While I wouldn't mind giving the chain's Flaming Platters a shot, I'll rather head to Fish & Co. for a convenient fish & chips fix.

Something else to note: do not visit MHM's Junction 8 outlet with a large group if you object to sitting outside the restaurant- there were apparently insufficient seats inside the restaurant to seat seven people at 5.30pm on a public holiday.

Junction 8

August 27, 2011

Salted Caramel Brownies @ Classic Cake

What's better than sinfully rich brownies? Classic Cakes' got the answer: sinfully rich brownies stacked with salted caramel and topped with flakes of sea salt ($3.80)! Chocolate and salt go wonderfully together, and this is no exception.
sea salt caramel brownie
Although chocolate and caramel may sound like a recipe for diabetes, this brownie isn't overly sweet thanks to its intense chocolate flavor. It's one rich brownie and I would recommend warming them up before serving if don't like your brownies too chewy.I wouldn't have minded if the sea salt caramel was a tad saltier though! 

This unpretentious cake shop also sells mille crêpes- a layered confection of twenty crêpes stacked with pastry cream with caramelized sugar on top. I'll love to try the durian version sometime!

41 Sunset Way
#01-06 Clementi Arcade
Opening hours: 2pm-9pm (Tues), 11am-9am (Wed-Sat), 2pm-7pm (Sun), closed on Mondays

August 25, 2011

D24 Durian Mooncakes @ Four Seasons Durians

I have yet to check out this year's latest mooncake offerings, but here's a run-down on a crowd pleaser that's available every year. Four Seasons Durians' D24 durian mooncakes boast a delectably creamy and bittersweet filling made of pure D24 durian flesh, encased within a soft snowskin.
D24 snowskin durian mooncakes @ four seasons durians
The snowskin was a little thicker than I would have liked, but there's no doubt that I polished up the durian mooncakes with much gusto! The durian purveyor also stocks Mao Shan Wang mooncakes, which have been well-received by ST's food critics but are overly pricey in my opinion.

I can't wait to get my hands on Peony Jade's Teochew Orh Nee mooncakes- it's a must-eat every year!

Four Seasons Durians
Outlets are located at AMK hub, Takashimaya, Clementi and Nex Serangoon