April 24, 2010

Galta Gelato Italiano Artigianale

G is for Great.
G is for Galto.
G is for Gelato.

I past by Galto Gelato during my previous visit to Millenia Walk and really wanted to give it a try, if not for me having had two frozen treats right before that.

Tucked in corner of the first floor of Parco, the gelati in this takeaway parlour is displayed in two wheels- one for the milk flavors and one for the fruit flavors. Colorful palettes of ectasy, they turned out to be.

It was almost time for me to meet up with the company I was about to watch the musical Chicago with, but I couldn't resist the lure of Galto. (Btw Chicago was awesome!) My anticipation certainly did help to speed up the walk from Marina Square to Millenia Walk...

Single scoop of pistachio gelato ($3.90)

I sampled the Stracciatella, Fior de Latte, Pistachio and Almond and eventually settled for a single scoop of Pistachio gelato ($3.90). With two scoops going for $4.50 and three for $5.20, I definitely would have gotten myself a triple treat if not for my mild flu :/

Darn, I should have just gotten three scoops anyway. Spooning a generous spoonful of Galto's gelato in my mouth left my tastebuds singing for joy! I savored every bit of this lusciously smooth and indulgently rich goodness.

Mmmm I'll definitely drop by everytime I attend a concert at the nearby Esplanade (I timed, it's 10 mins away if you brisk walk.)

While I certainly enjoyed the intense, nutty pistachio flavour, it's the silky rich texture of Galto's gelato that I'm most impressed by. I love G cube! (This really reminds of my school motto...)

Galta Gelato Italiano Artigianale
#P1-08 Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk

April 18, 2010

Green tea soft serve from Azabu Sabo

Green tea soft serve ($4)

An ice-cream a day keeps a smile on my face. Especially when I get a tall swirl of it!

Azabu Sabo's soft serve has got the right amount of air and is thick enough without being overly creamy or milky. That's why I prefer Azabu Sabo's soft serve over Milca's version, although I do like the latter's concept of allowing customers to choose the flavored sauces to go with their ice-creams. This soft serve doesn't melt too quickly too, so you don't have to lick it up in a flash!

Ardent fans of matcha will enjoy the strong green tea flavor of the ice-cream. I should have ordered it in a cup though, if that option's available- I've never really liked wafer cones as they're pretty much tasteless anyway- and the cone I got here was a tad stiff. Much prefer crisp, thin waffle cones!

On a side note, I'm amazed at the amount of ice-cream I can consume. A 1.5L tub of ice-cream has somehow disappeared in three days all thanks to me (:

April 17, 2010

Going bananas over Muffins Marvel!

Loaded with yummy banana chunks and juicy raisins, Muffin Marvel's banana muffin ($1.50) was marvellously fluffy and less greasy than most muffins. It'll have been even better if it had a crisp crust though. The banana walnut muffin, however, contained less bananas than I would have liked, so stick with the former!

Muffins Marvel
B1-25 The Central @ Clarke Quary

April 9, 2010

Red Mango

Red Mango's froyo took me a long walk through Suntec City to locate. Well, it better be good!

I ordered a Natural & Strawberry swirl. Smooth and creamy, but a tad high on the sugar and hence lacking in the tanginess that yogurt should have. How I wish the strawberry flavor could have come with chunks of the fruit like those Japanese gelatos!

When it comes to froyo, my heart still lies with Yoguru, though Red Mango's froyo didn't melt as quickly as the former. Here's when eating quickly comes in handy heheh.

Psst Yoguru's Raffles City outlet is much closer to City Hall MRT. But the Kallang outlet is still the best and it'll be much more accessible when the next stage of the Circle Line is launched on April 17!

Red Mango
#01-140G (Tasty Treatz, Carrefour's upstairs)

April 8, 2010

Hei ice cream @ Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate's hei ice-cream ($3.80 for a single scoop) is seriously rich stuff. According to their website, it consists of a blend of their own chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa solids), real eggs, fresh cream and milk. I'm personally not a big fan of chocolate ice-cream on its own, but there's no doubt that the luscious texture and well-balanced flavors of Awfully Chocolate's rendition will please fans of chocolate ice cream.

Now, if only they'll launch a white chocolate version and 85% dark chocolate version as well...

Awfully Chocolate
#01-156 Vivocity

April 2, 2010

Isetan Kyushu Fair

#1 Mixed milk and goma soft serve from Aso natural ice-cream ($4)
Cold, smooth goodness in a crisp wafer cone, with the nutty aroma of black sesame balanced out by the creaminess of the milk flavor.

#2 Octopus takoyaki from Nakayama Shokuhin ($6.50 for six)
I have yet to try Gindako Takoyaki due to the perenially long queue. Though not mind-blowingly good, these were the best takoyaki that I have had. Knowing that they're best consumed when warm, I simply stood at an empty spot next to the escalator, whipped out a pair of disposable chopsticks, and plopped these soft and fluffy octopus balls into my mouth, one by one. Not at all greasy, each takoyaki ball was stuffed with a large piece of tako. (That's why it's called takoyaki!) All six of them, gone in a few minutes- I'm a fast eater.

#3 And to end off, (really) 100% natural mango juice from Miyazaki Fruit Juice. A thick and pure dose (though pricey at $5 a cup) of vitamin C.

Isetan Kyushu Fair
Tampines Mall Level 1 Atrium, till 4 April