March 19, 2010

Sara Lee Cheesecake

Definitely not the best cheesecake around, but it's decent for a frozen one from the supermarket. The biscuit crust could be firmer (and fresher, but don't expect this from frozen food), but the frozen Neufchatel cheese is pretty addictive. Light, creamy, cold stuff...mmm...

I really do like cheesecake, so I somehow finished the remaining half of this 500g cake right after lunch. Oops!

March 18, 2010

The Flyin' Bread

The Flyin' Bread is one of the many takeaway eateries at 313 Food Hall (it's not as big as Ion Orchard's though). My mom and I were deciding whether to give this stall a try when this man (who's quite likely to be the manager) walked over and explained that what went into the healthy rolls.

To make the pita-like wrap, the chef will spin a disc of dough into the air to make it evenly thick. This will then be cooked without any oil and be used to wrap up some veggies and a skewer of lean meat (also grilled without any fat). Apparently the only fat that goes inside will come from the dressing. Truthfully I'm not too concerned about how lean the meat is, just as long as it's not too fatty, but I'm certain there must still be a bit of fat in the meat.
You'll only get to catch the chef in action if you're lucky 'cos the rolls are assembled with wraps from a cooker. The meat was grilled on the spot though.

Thanks to the good service, I decided to give the Chicken Flyer ($3.50) a try. The wrap was chewy and fluffy, like a healthy version of prata. I liked how the parsley inside the wrap gave it a refreshing edge. Coupled with the fresh veggies, lean meat and tasty dressing, I have to admit that the barbecued meat wrap tasted quite healthy indeed.
Much less guilt-rendering than a GoGo Franks prata sausage wrap- I won't mind having this again!

The Flyin' Bread
313@Somerset B3-43

March 17, 2010

Green tea soya ice-cream from Mr Bean!

I love Mr Bean. No, I'm not referring to the famous character from the comic television series, but the soyabean chain. With outlets islandwide, I'm confronted with temptation very often. Should I have my favourite Pearly Bandung Soya Milk? Or should I have a pancake- which flavor should I get?

I really like their soya ice-cream. Mr Bean's website states that green tea soya ice-cream is available at some outlets, but I've never been able to locate one that sells this flavor. Naturally I rejoiced when I saw that they were selling green tea soya ice-cream (at almost all their outlets!) this month!

The green tea flavor is rather mild but I still enjoyed it anyway. Soya ice-cream has a distinctive, uh, soy taste and despite being low-fat, it's still creamy like normal soft-serve. It's 20 cents cheaper to order the soy ice-cream with a cone but the cup version contains a fair bit more.

$2 in an ice-cream cone (you can get it for $1.50 if you have the voucher), $2.20 in a cup

Mr Bean
Outlets islandwide

March 14, 2010

A takeaway from Jewels Artisan Chocolates

Photo from Jewel Artisan Chocolates' website

My order of a Green Tea and a Black Palm Island Salt came prettily packaged in a pretty little box with handles. The jewels inside certainly didn't disappoint with their delicate crisp-chewy shells and smooth fillings.

While I couldn't taste much matcha in the Green Tea macaron (no. 2 in the picture above), I enjoyed the contrast in texture between the meringue shells and the mini crunchy chocolate pearls inside. But what was even more delightful was the Black Palm Island Salt version (no. 5). Salted caramel's the norm for salty-sweet desserts, but a mix of almond cream, volcanic salt and salted egg yolk were used here instead. Kudos to chef for her creativity! I'm so having Jewels' macarons again.

Jewel Artisan Chocolates
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #02-31/32
11am to 11pm daily

Isetan Kyushu Fair

Another Japanese fair at Isetan again. The Kyushu Fair can't beat the Hokkaido Fair, but here's a post about what I tried anyway.

Picture taken from Isetan's newsletter

Aso Natural Ice was selling gelato and sesame soft-ice cream (which wasn't available today). I sampled the following flavors- navel orange, milk, strawberry, green tea, barley and purchased a scoop of navel orange and strawberry gelato.
The gelato was a tad icy, like sorbet- I much prefer Mashuko Dowa's rendition from the Hokkaido Fair. I enjoyed the strawberry bits studded inside the strawberry gelato, but it had a slightly strange-tasting twang which I can't put in words. The orange flavor fared better though. Wish I had bought the barley flavor instead! One scoop was going for $5 and two for $6.50.

My bag of catch! Sorry for the poorly-taken photo...

Bought the minimum number of taiyakis (16 for $8.50) and gobbled 10 down in my attempt to try all the flavors. I was lucky the first five times before gobbling down two additional custard taiyakis and both rare cheese ones before I got to the one with the chestnut filling!

The fish-shaped griddlecakes came in eight flavors- plain (no filling), custard, red bean, chestnut, sweet potato, chocolate, caramel cream and rare cheese. Sadly not all of the taiyaki were warm when I had them (and they didn't taste as nice when cold, unlike the those which the rest of my family bought at the Isetan fair at Parkway Parade which I didn't get to try). The caramel cream filling was the clear winner, but the rare cheese, red bean and chocolate ones were good too.

Isetan Kyushu Fair
Till 22 March 2010

March 10, 2010

Mirabellle Patisserie [Closed]

Mirabelle Patisserie is tucked along a row of shops along Mackenzie Road near Little India station. It's certainly a small bakery, with enough space to fit only about 4 people comfortably, but everything they sell looks so good, I wonder how long it'll take before the crowds start coming.

Bamboo Charcoal buns ($2)

Black-colored bread is definitely something one does not see often (except err...burnt toast). The bamboo charcoal that give these an pan and custard buns their color is touted to be detoxifying and to boost one's circulation and metabolism. Well, I won't count on that, but I won't mind having these again 'cos I like how soft and fine the buns are. The amount of filling in the custard bun was too scant, but the an pan came with a generous amount of chunky adzuki paste which was thankfully not too sweet!

More custard please?

Ham and cheese croissant ($1.80)

But what truly makes this patisserie a star are the fabulous croissants they sell. The best part is, they're not even expensive. The savory ham and cheese made a wonderful pair with the perfectly buttery, crisp and flaky pastry. Worth every sinful calorie ;) I initially intended to save half for my mum but I ended up finishing the whole thing and heading back to get another. I probably won't bother having croissants from anywhere else from now on.

[Update: Mirabelle Patisserie is closed. My favorite croissants are gone!! *sobs*]

Mirabelle Patisserie
27 Mackenzie Road
7.45am-7.30pm daily

Goodbye...for a while - 3 well-known hawker centres to be closed for facelifts

I know this is a little overdue, but I'll be missing my Soon Lee pork porridge. Especially the supremely addictive, bloody good pig liver chunks and tasty meatballs it came loaded with!!


Not to forget, the crayfish laksa from Hong Lim Food Centre will be missed dearly too. My poor stomach has to wait for another year to get its fix!

Sadly, I've yet to try the avocado juice, chicken rice and char siew from Alexandra Village Food Centre...hmm I wonder if any of the stallholders have relocated temporarily? *a glimmer of hope*

March 3, 2010

The Pancake War: Pancakes at Cedele

How I wish more cafes would serves all-day breakfast! I'm sure that I'm not the only one in a love affair with breakfast food. Give me toast, waffles and scrambled eggs any time during time and I'm bound to be satisfied.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to pass by Raffles City when I remembered that there was an All-Day Dining Cedele outlet at Level 3 which serves All-Day Breakfast, everyday. I know this sounds unusual, but I knew I had to have Wild Blueberry Pancakes for dinner!

Wild Blueberry Pancakes with sausages ($12.90++)

Cedele's pancakes were the softest, most fluffy ones that I've ever had. Although I'm a sucker for thick pancakes, I enjoyed the texture of the pancakes served here so much that I didn't mind their thinness. The pancakes came generously studded with tangy, juicy blueberries. Do drizzle liberal amounts of maple syrup to counter their tartness!

Also included in the set was a couple of snappy and well-fried sausages, as well as a small portion of salad leaveswas included as well, for a refreshing dose of fibre and vitamins.

I would certainly love to come back for more pancakes!

Cedele All-Day Dining
Raffles City Shopping Centre #03-28A