February 24, 2010

Hunting for the best durian ice cream in SG: The Daily Scoop

Double scoop ($5.20): Durian-durian (left), Salted Mr Brown

While Tom's Palette remains as my favorite, The Daily Scoop is one of the better ice cream parlors around. All the flavors are hand-churned on the premises, and milkshakes and soda floats are also available.

Being a huge huge fan of the fruit, I thoroughly enjoyed the pungent pulp-studded durian ice cream. It was a tad icy though. Salted Mister Brown- chocolate ice-cream studded with brownie bits and brown sugar bits, spiced up by a generous addition of sea salt- did not disappoint either.
I also had a forkful of my friend's warm chocolate brownie, which definitely left me greedy for more- I've got to order a portion for myself sometime!

February 21, 2010

Pizza Hut: Cherry Blossom Pizza

I'm a huge fan of Pizza Hut's Cool Lime Mayo. So when they took off their New Orleans Chicken flavor sometime last year, I was left rather disappointed as I would have to settle for the Ocean Catch pizza for my fix.

I'm usually intrigued by the seasonal flavors Pizza Hut launches. Last Christmas, my family dipped cheesy bites that lined the pizza's circumference into molten cheese and nachos; last Chinese New Year, I recall having pizza with my favourite bak kwa.

Naturally, when Pizza Hut unravelled their Cherry Blossom pizza, I knew that I had to give it a try.

"This Lunar New Year, let our Cherry Blossom Pizza fill you up with the joys of spring. Topped with a mouthwatering spread of diced BBQ chicken, chicken floss and pineapples on cool lime mayonnaise, it offers a delightful explosion of flavours you'll welcome home this spring."

Loved the Cool Lime Mayo as usual (: The taste of the other toppings were sadly too mild in comparison. Wouldn't it have been nice if the pizza came with generous pieces of Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa and chicken floss?

The breadcrumbs topping the pizza were superfluous, only contributing to the pile of crumbs on the dining table. However, the three-cheese-stuffed crust provided a nice salty contrast to the addictive cool lime mayo.

February 20, 2010

Prima Deli waffles

I've been loving waffles ever since I was a little kid. Blueberry waffles from the neighbourhood bakery were something I had to have on a weekly basis!

But those ordinary ones won't do for me today. Ever since I've had the etherally light and fluffy waffles from Prima Deli, I've never turned back to their soggy and heavy cousins again. A word of advice: Please devour them while they're fresh IMMEDIATELY off the stove when they're still crisp on the outside!

Durian waffle ($1.80)

You can order them with kaya, red bean paste, peanut butter, blueberry or strawberry jam, cheese, chocolate spread or even durian puree. The durian puree, though deliciously cold and creamy, cools down the waffle too fast even for someone who can eat as quickly as me. On the other hand, the blueberry jam is too sweet for my liking and doesn't have those fruit chunks I love, and I find the chocolate spread is too sweet ass well (and it ain't Nutella!). As for the cheese, the cheese slices don't melt enough into a gooey mess I'm looking for.

Conclusion: Go for the plain, like I usually do. Haha.

February 16, 2010


Cherry Garcia, my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor!

Have you sung for your free scoop of Ben and Jerry's yet?

February 13, 2010

Mirana House's Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts ($13 for 25 pieces/500g)

It's rare to find pineapple tarts that aren't greasy, like those from Mirana Cake House. The buttery and slightly milky aroma of these golden babies simply hit the spot, and I loved the way they melted in my mouth as well! The filling could have been less sweet though.

Mirana Cake House
248 Simei St 3 #01-102

Happy Chinese New Year!

*Burps from eating way too much sugared yams* I downed at least seventy percent of the bowl, yikes!

It's the festive season :D Time for my favourite pineapple tarts, bak kwa, peanut cookies <3, abalone... and of course, most importantly, the vibrant joyful atmosphere!

Have a happy Chinese New Year!

February 11, 2010

KFC Portuguese Egg Tarts

More than a month ago, looking up recommendations for Portuguese egg tarts would have left you promising to drop by KFC on your next trip to China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Well, I haven't been to any of the above-mentioned countries recently, so I was glad to see that they had arrived in sunny Singapore.
Portuguese egg tart ($1.30)

A little smaller than your average Portuguese egg tart, served piping hot! Smooth, wobbly custard encased in crisp, flaky pastry...mmm.: Unfortunately the tarts are a bit inconsistent- sometimes I find that the tarts have oily and soggy bases.

The other breakfast items- waffles with eggs, chicken and egg wraps, chicken porridge and the breakfast platter- are just alright. On a side note, I heart the Lao Beijing Chicken Wrap (老北京鸡圈) sold in KFC outlets in China! Try it on your next trip there!

February 5, 2010

K Ki Sweets

Having heard a fair bit about this quirky little place from Posh Nosh- something I anticipate every Friday- and from Ice's blog, I knew that I had to pay it a visit. It's located in the quiet realms of Ann Siang Hill, a short walk from The Patissier, Chinatown Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, Once Upon a Milkshake, Otto...the area of the CBD where hidden treasures lie for foodies.

One thing I remember most is the superbly polite service, from the warm greetings I received upon entering the shop, to being asked if I'd like a drink (I asked for water, and was asked if I'd like it warm or cold! Wow.), to brimming with appreciation upon hearing that I had enjoyed my order.

Petite little cakes, each and every a delicate, perfectly assembled beauty, sitting in straight rows in the display. I had a lot of trouble deciding which to have, but I eventually settled on the Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc ($8.50)

Swirled with silky and pure chestnut puree on top of pillowy fresh cream, resting atop a sponge layer and a crumbly tart base; this Month Blanc was a very refined creation. There were bits of treasure hiding in the cream- delightful chestnut chunks!

Mixed sables (14 for $12)

Crumbly and buttery, K Ki's sables were really good. The coconut ones impressed with their crisp bite, but it's the lovely earthy flavor of the chocolate hazelnut ones that I'm really enamored with. Sublime!

I'll be back for more more more!

K Ki Sweets
No. 7 Ann Siang Hill