May 14, 2010

211 Roof Terrace Café

Located on the top floor (well, actually just the fourth) of Holland Village Shopping Centre, this cafe offers both indoor and al fresco dining. The ambience of the outdoor dining area was clearly the main attraction of the cafe, so how could we choose not to sit outside?

The al fresco area was furnished with wooden furniture and plenty of plants, along with a water foundation. For a laid-back atmosphere, good for a nice catch-up with pals (:

The Calamari Rings featured tender squid rings encased in a light, non-oily batter coating.

I have been curious about risotto for a very long time. I have even attempted to create a mock risotto by drenching fried rice in creamy soup lol! When I saw Seafood Risotto on the menu, I naturally decided to give it a try.

Plump rice grains, swimming in a rich tomato cream sauce. The rich tomato cream sauce was tolerable at first, but soon grew too heavy. Mushy rice grains would have rendered me unable to finish the whole plate, but thankfully, I was able to finish up everything as every rice grain was well-cooked and al dente. No complains about the prawns, squid rings and mussels which accompanied the dish.

I sampled a bit of my dining partner's Organic Brown Rice with Pan-fried Fish and Mango Chutney (can't quite remember the name). This was not too bad- the rice was cooked equally well, while the fish had a flaky and moist interior.

I also had two slices of my friend's 211 Pizza. She eats rather slowly and had to rush back to school for something, so I helped her to finish her food haha. This bacon and veggie thin-crusted pizza was my favorite of the three entrees, especially the chewy cheese topping.

The draw of this cafe is clearly the ambience, and perhaps the view (which I don't find to be special, maybe because I'm accustomed to high-rise living). Portions were decently sized, but honestly, the food quality- though acceptable- was not sufficient to justify a return visit.

211 Roof Terrace Café
#04-01 Holland Road Shopping Centre
9am-11pm daily

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