December 24, 2009

Once Upon A Milkshake

Opened only a mere three months ago, OUAM has garnered plenty of praise on HungryGoWhere. I dropped by this place on a weekday afternoon and somehow found myself in a more light-hearted mood upon entering the simply but vibrantly furnished joint. Don't the purple-and-white walls and miniature furniture remind you of a children playroom?

Milkshakes aren't good for your teeth or your waistline, so I decided to stick to the safe side. One mini Agent Strawberry for me, please.

I, an aquaholic, was delighted by the presence of a free-flow mineral water dispenser! After helping myself to a cup, I seated myself on a bench and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the joint- only occupied by five other patrons, it being 3pm on a weekday- while waiting for the cheery cashier to serve my order.

One sip of this milkshake left me certain that OUAM prepared its strawberry ice cream from fresh strawberries. I was initially surprised by how dense the shake was, but soon realized that this allowed me to pause between sips and enjoy the most of my shake without worrying about it melting away. Its viscosity soon grew on me though- I found myself relishing the thick and creamy shake. Thick milkshakes are served on default, but you can request for your milkshake to be thinner.

However, it was the lip-smackingly delicious tangy strawberry flavor of this shake that left the deepest impression on me. Kudos to the people who concocted this flavor- Agent Strawberry has definitely cracked the key to my affections!

OUAM also sells pints of ice cream for $10.50 each, and has also launched a lite brownie and ice cream combo ($5.50). What excellent ideas!

I'll be back to try the other flavors. Grumbling Raisins, here I come!

December 22, 2009


After having Yami Yogurt recently, I'm becoming quite a fan of frozen yogurt. I just love its refreshingly icy yet creamy texture! In addition, it's low in calories too, making for a healthy snack.

Yoguru has set up a stall in the basement of Raffles City, saving customers the trouble of travelling to the far-thrown Kallang Leisure Park. The friendly staff at the counter readily offered me a sample. Wow, it was quite a generous portion, at least when it comes to samples...

One lick and I was won over by its milkiness. I ordered a small cup of mixed-flavored yogurt ($4.10) which was actually quite large, especially since the staff accidentally swirled too much fro-yo into the cup. Lol...

Regular serving of mixed-flavor froyo

While the sweet-tasting YoguBliss didn't remind me of dragonfruit and pomegranate, it was delicious all the same. Alternate it with spoonfuls of mildly tangy Original-flavored yogurt to get the best of both worlds. However, one quibble about Yoguru's yogurt is that it is slightly powdery.

Nevertheless, I've got to declare myself a fan of Yoguru!

Will be trying Red Mango next time!

Update: I had froyo at the Raffles City outlet again and the texture is now closer to that from the Kallang outlet. Hooray!

#B1-55 Raffles City Shopping Centre

Riyadh Muslim Food

Located in an industry park, a number of this canteen’s patrons are factory workers who are seeking a quick bite. Being a blur sotong, I forgot to request for my prata to be freshly made on the spot as advised during my first visit.
Ever twisted your cutlery trying to tear your prata into bite-size pieces? You won’t face this problem here. It was crispy, fluffy and outstandingly flaky, meeting all the hallmarks of a good prata. More of these please!
During my second visit, one of my two pratas (this time round, they're freshly made) veered towards slightly doughy, chewy side though. At just 70 cents each for the kosong (plain) version, I will definitely pop over for a stellar prata fix when I have the time!

Perhaps due to the low human traffic, the curry that was served along with the prata wasn’t warm enough. After having some of my prata with sugar too- a childhood practice of mine, since I was intolerant of spicy foods when I was younger- I concluded that I prefer to have my prata by itself! How about you?

Riyadh Muslim Food
Blk 32, Defu Lane 10
Stall 12, Soon Soon Lai Eating House
Opening hours: 6.30am to 7pm daily, closed on the last Wednesday of each month

December 19, 2009

The Pancake War: Breakfast at Superdog

I finally got around to having breakfast at Superdog, which is available at their White Sands and Vivocity outlets everyday from 7.30am to 11.30am.

I had intended to try out their Banana Walnut Pancakes after receiving some discount coupons at the Vivocity outlet several weeks ago, but was disappointed to find that the kitchen had not commenced operations even though it was already 9am. However, I was glad to receive a prompt and warm reply to my feedback email from the company's CEO himself! (It was due to a one-off misunderstanding between the managers.)

The pancakes were freshly cooked on the spot, so I had to wait a while for my order to served. Not that I'm complaining, for the service was prompt enough. Here's another relieving piece of news for diners who don't take hot coffee like me- they serve complimentary iced water. In proper coffee cups, not in flimsy little plastic containers.

My Banana Walnut Pancakes ($3, U.P. $4.50) came with SCS butter and a small container of syrup- supposedly maple syrup, but it wasn't fragrant enough. Bananas taste fantastic with pancakes, so no complaints here, even though I felt that the banana slices were a tad overcooked and hence sticky. The small walnut bits encased inside also added an enjoyable texture contrast to the fluffy pancakes. However, the plain parts of the pancakes were kind of bland- I probably won't give their plain pancakes a try then.

How do Superdog's pancakes compare to McDonald's Hotcakes? The former is thicker (about one and a half times as thick) and fluffier, while the latter leans towards the softer side. Also, the pancakes from Superdog actually filled me up till lunchtime- McDonald's version oddly leaves my tummy feeling empty after a while, probably 'cos it has a higher glycemic index.

Superdog also sells Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon & Egg Multigrain Sandwiches and Ham & Cheese Multigrain Sandwiches. I might give the latter two a try the next time. Overall, their pancakes are okay but the ones I make at home are better haha.

White Sands #01-22

December 17, 2009

Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling

Dr Leslie Tay from advised readers to reserve Hoo Kee Rice dumplings in advance, and I can certainly see why they're snatched up so quickly.
Scruntizing the inside of my salted egg, meat and mushroom dumpling, I was greeted by a large, golden yolk orb, encased in seemingly fat-free pork and surrounded by a couple of crumbly chestnuts. Greedily, I forked up the moist and tasty but delightfully non-greasy rice grains. Lovely. Unlike many other dumplings out there, Hoo Kee's meat filling was gloriously lean and contained no off-putting fatty bits. Kudos to the uncle for preparing the salted egg and chestnuts so perfectly as well- soft, crumbly but definitely far from dry, they obediently yielded to my fork.

I asked if there were any more of these dumplings after I finished mine. Luck must have been on my side, for my wish was granted. I was handed the remaining four dumplings in a double-bag, which I even knotted up. But I was still left savoring their drool-inducing fragrance on the way home!

Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling
#01-18 Amoy Street Food Centre

December 16, 2009

Barccok Bakery

Raisin Cream Cheese Bun ($1.30)
This bun is mind-blowingly delicious. Molten cream cheese oozing out of pillowy soft and fluffy bread complete with juicy raisins for a sweet contrast mmm.... 

No wonder long queues form in front of Barcook Bakery everyday to get their hands on these coveted babies during lunch hours. Don't bother ordering just one or two, you'll have to wait patiently to get your order served anyway. You'll certainly be left wishing you had more after sinking your teeth into these!
And you won't regret it. At $1.30 each, this is one indulgence that doesn't cost your wallet a bomb. Eat them fresh out of the oven to enjoy the most out of this gastronomic experience, when the bun is still as soft and as plump as a pillow and the cheese, delectably oozy and scorching hot.

I've also tried the Maxi Cheese Bun and the Coffee Cheese Bun which were however, more ordinary.

Barcook Bakery
Blk 531 Upper Cross Street
#01-54 Hong Lim Complex

December 15, 2009

Han Kee Fish Soup

Fish soup is one fish I often order, being both healthy and clean-tasting. Having read excellent reviews of this Han Kee Fish Soup's rendition, trying out this dish was a must-try for me when I swung by Amoy Street Food Centre for lunch before an impending medical appointment.

The verdict? At $4, this fish soup beats the mediocre renditions served in most food courts hands-down, both in the generosity of the fish slices and definitely in the taste factor. Not only were the Batam fish slices flaky and tender, the soup they were swimming in was also flavorful, bursting with the sweetness and freshness of the fish. The rice ($0.30) could have been more moist and fluffy though- there's nothing better than a bowl of pearly, fragrant rice grains to complement a tasty broth.

What I dislike about this stall, aside from the perennially long queue (which was fortunately relatively short when I joined in), is the . Fortunately, fish soup doesn't take too long to prepare, especially with the quick-handed chefs helming the stove. With 7 people ahead of me in the queue, and only 15 minutes to spare, I asked the auntie in charge of taking orders for an estimation of the waiting time. Instead of directly replying my query, she brashly told me to look at the rate at which the queue was moving. Even if she did not wish to provide me with an estimation, there was no need for her condescending attitude and rudeness.

Perhaps she might have neglected treasuring her customers, since she's got many to serve. Was this a case of arrogance rearing its ugly head?

Han Kee Fish Soup
#02-129 Amoy Street Food Centre