December 17, 2009

Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling

Dr Leslie Tay from advised readers to reserve Hoo Kee Rice dumplings in advance, and I can certainly see why they're snatched up so quickly.
Scruntizing the inside of my salted egg, meat and mushroom dumpling, I was greeted by a large, golden yolk orb, encased in seemingly fat-free pork and surrounded by a couple of crumbly chestnuts. Greedily, I forked up the moist and tasty but delightfully non-greasy rice grains. Lovely. Unlike many other dumplings out there, Hoo Kee's meat filling was gloriously lean and contained no off-putting fatty bits. Kudos to the uncle for preparing the salted egg and chestnuts so perfectly as well- soft, crumbly but definitely far from dry, they obediently yielded to my fork.

I asked if there were any more of these dumplings after I finished mine. Luck must have been on my side, for my wish was granted. I was handed the remaining four dumplings in a double-bag, which I even knotted up. But I was still left savoring their drool-inducing fragrance on the way home!

Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling
#01-18 Amoy Street Food Centre

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