December 19, 2009

The Pancake War: Breakfast at Superdog

I finally got around to having breakfast at Superdog, which is available at their White Sands and Vivocity outlets everyday from 7.30am to 11.30am.

I had intended to try out their Banana Walnut Pancakes after receiving some discount coupons at the Vivocity outlet several weeks ago, but was disappointed to find that the kitchen had not commenced operations even though it was already 9am. However, I was glad to receive a prompt and warm reply to my feedback email from the company's CEO himself! (It was due to a one-off misunderstanding between the managers.)

The pancakes were freshly cooked on the spot, so I had to wait a while for my order to served. Not that I'm complaining, for the service was prompt enough. Here's another relieving piece of news for diners who don't take hot coffee like me- they serve complimentary iced water. In proper coffee cups, not in flimsy little plastic containers.

My Banana Walnut Pancakes ($3, U.P. $4.50) came with SCS butter and a small container of syrup- supposedly maple syrup, but it wasn't fragrant enough. Bananas taste fantastic with pancakes, so no complaints here, even though I felt that the banana slices were a tad overcooked and hence sticky. The small walnut bits encased inside also added an enjoyable texture contrast to the fluffy pancakes. However, the plain parts of the pancakes were kind of bland- I probably won't give their plain pancakes a try then.

How do Superdog's pancakes compare to McDonald's Hotcakes? The former is thicker (about one and a half times as thick) and fluffier, while the latter leans towards the softer side. Also, the pancakes from Superdog actually filled me up till lunchtime- McDonald's version oddly leaves my tummy feeling empty after a while, probably 'cos it has a higher glycemic index.

Superdog also sells Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon & Egg Multigrain Sandwiches and Ham & Cheese Multigrain Sandwiches. I might give the latter two a try the next time. Overall, their pancakes are okay but the ones I make at home are better haha.

White Sands #01-22

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