October 31, 2009

The Pancake War: Weekend Breakfast at Swensen's

Being a fan of breakfast foods, I jump at opportunities to have a sumptuous morning meal during free weekends. I've been lovin' Swensen's Blueberry Pancakes Set ever since they started serving breakfast. (Lol sorry to the Golden Arches for stealing your slogan...).

Actually, it's the only thing I ever order.

Country Style Pancakes Set

The Country Style pancakes set comes with two pancakes, scrambled eggs, half a grilled tomato, a hash brown, two decent small cheese sausages and creamy mushrooms, as well as a choice of hot coffee from Gloria Jean's or tea and a cup of orange or apple juice. All for $7.95++. Isn't it value for money?

It comes with a choice of 5 pancake fillings- buttermilk, bananas, blueberry, cheese or ham.

The size and quality of the pancakes seems to have dipped a little when compared to my previous visits. One of the pancakes was a little overcooked so I faced problems cutting it up. However, being a pancake AND blueberry jam lover, I naturally still enjoyed this. (Fresh blueberries might have made a better filling, but blueberry jam is good enough for me.)
Oh boy, I can never resist fluffy and soft pancakes!

The portion of scrambled eggs seems to have shrunk too. On the contrary, it was creamier than before. No comments about the hash browns as I don't eat them.

As usual, special commendation goes to the superb creamy mushrooms! Tiny slices of portobello enveloped in a luscious creamy sauce...you've got to try this!

I was too bloated to finish the apple juice upon drinking up my cup of Lipton tea. Still, it was nice to have two drink options with my breakfast. Perhaps Swensen's could consider serving fresh juices? Hmm...

My dad ordered a Buttermilk Pancakes Set, which came with the same sides as my Blueberry Pancakes set, so I didn't take a photograph of it before he tucked in. Don't try Swensen's Cheese Pancakes though- each pancake is simply

Our pancakes came with a jug of maple syrup and butter pats. It's fun to pour syrup all over your pancakes from a jug! But my pancakes were sweet enough from the blueberry filling, so I didn't need it.

Dad remarked that he preferred his usual order of banana pancakes. Don't bananas make a great match with pancakes? Still, blueberry pancakes are a firm favorite of mine.

Hearty American Breakfast Set

This picture shows y brother tucking into his Hearty American Breakfast set. It came with two slices of crispy Traditional French Toast, scrambled eggs, a rather long herb sausage, ham, hash brown, creamy mushrooms and grilled tomato.

The herb sausage packed a sodium punch. I like my molten cheese filled sausages much more!

Traditional French Toast

This is my mom's Traditional French Toast set. Two thick slices of French Toast, an overcooked sunny-side up (I like mine runny!), accompanied by two small cheese sausages, creamy mushrooms and grilled tomato.

The French Toast was done HK-cafe-style. Mom liked it, but I prefer the 'normal' type of French toast.

Though I have to admit that the overall quality of the food isn't particularly outstanding, Swensen's breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Compass Point
Weekend breakfast is served from 8.30am to 11am at this outlet

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