December 4, 2013

Pasarbella- A pictorial






Dutch Colony Coffee Co.'s caffe mocha was splendid , so was the banana cognac pie.




July 27, 2013

Violet Oon's Kitchen

It seems that most brunch menus in Singapore aren't quite worth waking up for. I'm certainly glad that Violet Oon's newly launched brunch menu extends beyond the usual offerings of eggs benedict and banana hotcakes. The Peranakan food guru has spiced up the scene by introducing Asian touches to classic breakfast stalwarts- think otah panini with sweet onion relish and  Monterey Jack cheese and Vietnamese pulled pork burritos. Or how about some crab cakes benedict or corned beef hash? For traditionalists, there's the Asian Big Breakfast aka nasi lemak by another name.
My predictably sweet-toothed self opted for the French toast, which was served with banana-gula melaka pengat instead of the usual fruit compote or maple syrup. And unlike many places which stinge on toppings, there was plenty of the luscious coconutty sauce to go with the pillowy soft brioche.

As much as I enjoyed it, I must warn that this is a dish to be shared. It's been two weeks since my visit, and I still can't stomach the thought of French toast after polishing off all three slices of the custardy rich pain perdu.
All washed down with a long black that was slightly too acidic for my palate. I would suggest fixing your caffeine cravings elsewhere and getting a lychee & mint smoothie or calamansi mojito instead!

Violet Oon's Kitchen
881 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 279893

June 7, 2013

Revolution Coffee

Newest on the list of ulu cafes in Singapore is Revolution Coffee, located at the Infinite Studios at one-north.
Given my caffeine consumption patterns, I should really acquire some coffee description skills. How do I even start... pointers, anyone? Anyway, I was more than pleased with my latte, brewed from Single Origin's Reservoir Road blend. The leading Australian roaster describes this coffee as bright and sophisticated with ripe stone fruit flavors, vibrant acidity, a delicate body and a clean finish...I concur.
As much as I crave coffee, I visited Revolution Coffee- at 9am, I must mention- with the intention of checking out their banana bread. Who would have guessed that it sold out so quickly? So I settled on a fluffy, freshly baked banana muffin instead.
I was told that someone had swiped all of the banana bread for catering. It only piqued my curiosity further, and I made a return visit a few days later.
A mocha this time round.
I'm not sure if the banana bread was worth the somewhat bothersome commute. To be fair, Revolution dishes up a mean rendition, but I personally like my banana bread on the lighter side and with occasional chunks of the fruit. Banana bread has never been the same since I tried Flour Bakery's deservedly famous rendition!

21 Media Circle
Singapore 138562
Tel: 6777210
Opening hours: 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri)

May 28, 2013

Montreal: Poutineville

I never understood the fuss about poutine until I visited Poutineville. Many greasy spoons don't do the dish justice by serving up soggy reconstituted frozen fries, rubbery cheese curds and sodium-laden sauce from a packet. I've had cheese curds so stiff that they could have easily passed for cubes of firm tofu.
Why clog up your arteries with unworthy eats? When it comes to foods that're as sinful as poutine, only the best can do. And dinner at Poutineville's definitely worth a fifteen-minute wait in the freezing Canadian winter for.

I have tried The Montrealer (smoked meat, mushrooms, swiss cheese, poutine sauce, au gratin and topped with a batter fried pickle) and the Rocky (Philly steak, onions and nacho cheese), but believe me- their signature poutine is the dish to get. Golden-brown smashed potatoes stand in place for fries; these are crustier than your regular spuds and stay perfectly crisp till the last bite. The plate is also heaped with fork tender shreds of braised beef, all sopped in a dangerously delicious red wine gravy that's packed with meaty flavors. And yes, the gravy was hot enough to melt the stringy mozzarella and squeaky cheese curds.

A small ($12) feeds one glutton and a medium ($15) will satisfy two appetites. But if you're at Poutineville with a crowd of greedy friends, you may wish to attempt the monstrous Heart Attack Poutine. Loaded with 5 lbs of fries and toppings of chicken, bacon, hot dogs, ground beef, smoked ham, onions, green peppers, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese curds, mozzarella and poutine sauce, this $70 dish is certainly not for the faint-hearted! Taking on the Heart Attack challenge is definitely going down on my list of must-dos in Montreal...would anyone care to join me?

Poutineville on Urbanspoon

May 21, 2013

Madam Kwan's

While Madam Kwan's has kept its exact opening date under wraps, it failed to keep curious foodies from flooding the restaurant last Sunday. Despite the torrential crowds at peak hours, I was whisked into the restaurant in no time at 5pm- hooray!
2013-05-20 16.54.26e
With fluffy and well-separated grains, the light yet aromatic coconut rice was one of the best I've had- better than Grandma's and the now-defunct Wok & Barrel's! Its accompaniments were less spectacular, however. Not that there was anything wrong with the sambal ikan billis or crunchy, piquant achar- it's just that they weren't particularly memorable.

I'm being picky here, but the the curry chicken- though succulent- wasn't quite fall off the bone tender. And one probably expects a more generous portion of chicken with a $13.90+ plate of nasi lemak, no?
While I have not visited Madam Kwan's in KL, I felt that their nasi lemak was somewhat overrated. To think that I actually contemplated making a trip to the capital to satisfy my coconut rice cravings! Nevertheless, given the quality of the food and its relatively inexpensive pricing (considering the restaurant's prime location), I will return to Madam Kwan's if I happen to be at Vivocity- once the crowds die down, that is.
2013-05-20 17.03.33e
I settled for a steaming hot cup of teh tarik ($3.50+) as the chendol was sold out. Let me know if you try their signature dessert and nasi bojari- I certainly had a hard time deciding between nasi lemak and the latter!

Madam Kwan's
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-152/154